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The C.A.L.L. Program?



C.A.L.L. Us, we are here for you!


Tired of not receiving a call back from a handyman or construction company? No more worries... Baglino Builders, Inc. strives to be there for our customers and community.  As a member of our C.A.L.L. program, we will be at your service with a professional response to most of your home needs and questions in a swift manner!  We will:


C- Call back in a swift manner no matter how small the project!


A- Attention to our customer's needs.


L- Loyalty to our subscribers.


L- Let us handle it and save you the stress!



Subscription cost is $349 per/year.  In addition to the benefits listed in our brochure, including the $300 labor credit...As a member, you will also receive the added benefits of discounted construction rates, free estimates for any project, 2 hours of construction consultation (a $250 value), and recommendations from our quality list of loyal and trustworthy subcontractors in almost any trade. Please submit your information through the "Contact Us" link on our website or call (201)-962-3300 to learn more.

We will provide a free competitive quote for all of your construction needs. If your total work requested is more than the $300 labor credit you would pay the difference, if it were less you would have that credit balance remaining.

The concept being that Baglino Builders has come to realize the need for a company to satisfy the large "small project" market. The challenge and often inability for a homeowner to find a handyman to do such has been clients' chief complaint. Our company's desire is to fulfill this market, combined with the hope of being chosen for a subscriber's larger project in the future, add up to the C.A.L.L. program. 


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